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The present study tries to highlight all those strategies in the economic, military, political and geopolitical field that must be implemented by the USA in the entire planet to dominate the USA in the geopolitical chessboard of the Pacific Ocean and the whole planet (and against China). We answered in detail topics such as:

  • Which is the determining factor, over the centuries, that determines each time the emergence of the dominant empire?
  • The ideal strategy whose implementation in practice determines the longevity of an empire.
  • The reasons that make the liberalization of Chinese society necessary.
  • The factors that created the awakening of Russian expansionism and chauvinism respectively.
  • How control of Central Asian countries will determine which country will lead as a superpower in the Asian continent.
  • What policies can stop Russian penetration in the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkans respectively?
  • The right peace plan to end the war in Ukraine.
  • The Eurasia project and why any success of it will lead to the isolation of the Anglo-Saxon world.
  • The geopolitical chessboard of the Middle East and how China and Russia via Iran invalidate US policy in the region.
  • Why should the West absolutely annex the countries of Africa?
  • The strategy that the West should implement to direct the geopolitical developments in the Middle East and Asia to its advantage.
  • The key axis of the strategy of the USA and in general of the West to remain in the hegemony of the planet.

and many more...... 

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Keywords: USA global strategy, diplomacy, geopolitics, political economy, international relations, military, strategy, economics
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